Festive Babka & Chocolate Babka


We’ve combined our famous chocolate babka with our delicious festive babka.  Our Xmas babka is filled with brandy crème pat, orange flavoured mincemeat and panettone crumble which is sure to fill your kitchen with incredible Christmas aromas.

Bring the smells and tastes of our freshly baked chocolate babka to your home. 

This kit has everything you need to quickly and easily make killer babkas every time. We have done the messy bit with the mixer so all you need to do is roll the doughs, add the toppings, shape, prove and bake it!


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In the box you will receive:

A set of instructions for both Babka’s!

Festive Babka

1 x babka dough, 1 x Xmas mincemeat, 1 x babka mould, 1 x brandy crème pat, 1 x flour pot, 1 x vanilla syrup, 1 x pannetone crumble 

Chocolate Babka

1 x babka dough, 1 x flour for rolling, 1 x chocolate & hazelnut spread, 1 x chocolate drops & cookie crumbs, 1 x babka baking mould, 1 x vanilla syrup

Allergens: Cereals (gluten), Eggs, Milk, Nuts, Soy 

Please consume within 3 days (Including the day of delivery)

What you will need: Rolling pin, pastry brush, egg for glazing, oven (any oven is great the recipe is forgiving)